Unpack Once, Explore Endlessly

July 2, 2024

Star Clippers

Journey Beyond the Shoreline

Setting out to explore on the water is a travel game changer. The best ships offer greater access to remote areas, better value for longer travel, and a more relaxing, ‘unpack once’ experience. Let’s find the right vessel for you and your travel family, whether it’s an expedition ship, small ship, luxury yacht, or maybe even a romantic five-masted barque.

True North Adventure Cruises | Kimberley Australia

Seeing the world by water has never been more interesting. Imagine drifting up to incredible places such as Australia’s remote Kimberley region, bordered by the Indian Ocean and Timor Seas. Yachts glide into secluded gorges so visitors can feel the spray of waterfalls cascading over towering rock faces; and then bring passengers to tiny islands with secluded beaches and walks to ancient Aboriginal rock art.

Tauck, Iceland | Stuðlagil Canyon, Iceland

Mid-size ships that circumnavigate a region or country offer intrepid travelers a much better value than attempting the same trip via land or air travel. Sailings around Iceland or Japan, for example, bring visitors to lesser known ports and destinations off the beaten land path. Another adventure option is to drop into South America and begin your sailing with a bucket-list crossing though the Panama Canal before stopping in at historic sites in Ecuador and Peru.

Le Lapérouse - Ponant

Travelers who prefer fine dining and luxury living on the seas should consider booking a cruise that caters to their refined tastes. Luxury cruise lines offer itineraries featuring sought-after destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and beyond, all while providing guests with unparalleled service, spacious accommodations, and world-class amenities.

Green Sea Turtle, Maui | UnCruise Adventures

Small-ship cruises focus on off-the-beaten-path destinations and active adventures, allowing travelers to discover hidden gems while enjoying the comforts of a well-appointed vessel. These tour operators offer unconventional cruises through captivating destinations like the Galapagos, Alaska, Baja California, and the Hawaiian islands. With limited passenger capacity, often less than 100 guests, these intimate voyages create an immersive and educational experience perfect for families.

Star Clippers, Saint Lucia | Sugar Beach | Castries, Saint Lucia

If you’ve always wanted to hear sails snapping in the wind and hang out on the bowsprit nets, consider booking a tall ship for your adventure. Tall ships offer a unique way to explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, such as Saint Lucia, with its stunning turquoise lagoons and volcanic islands.

The world of sailing is changing – let’s talk about what works for you. The convenience and ease of visiting many places or countries in one trip while only unpacking once is hard to beat.

Set sail on a new adventure and enjoy the benefits of vitamin sea!









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