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April 19, 2024

Awasi Patagonia - Relais & Chateaux

How to Choose Your South American Adventure

South America is a dynamic continent where the U.S. dollar goes far, making it a good value-for-money destination. There’s so much to see, so where do you start? Here are a few ideas to consider which country to explore first:

If you love wine, visit Argentina: Famous for its Malbec, Argentina wineries offer so much more on their hardy vines. Surrounded by the imposing grandeur of the Andes, vineyards in the northern region of Cafayate, Mendoza and Uco Valley are unmissable. Book a private lunch and vineyard tour to make the most of your tasting. Or, if you’ve been hiking in Patagonia, stop in at the southern area wineries La Pampa for a day or two.

Argentina Winery | The Vines Resort & Spa, Mendoza, Argentina

Explora Torres Del Paine Lodge, Patagonia

If you love the outdoors, visit Patagonia: Often called one of the world’s last great wildernesses, Patagonia is an outdoor lover’s dream of mountain peaks, volcanoes, glaciers and fjords. True North Travel can help craft an easygoing or adrenaline-fueled escape that showcases the beauty of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in the south to Torres del Paine National Park in the Andes. Even better, we can book you into a five-star sleep to pamper and refuel for the next day’s adventure.

If you love cities, stay in Buenos Aires: A few days in the capital gives you time to visit a milonga to learn a little tango, or simply watch the professionals take to the dance floor. Admire the capital’s neoclassical, art nouveau, colonial and art deco architecture, including the stunning stone mausoleums at La Recoleta Cemetery. After all that exploring, let’s find you the best restaurant to indulge in the Argentine ritual of asado, a traditional barbecue.

If you love fine dining, head to Peru: Lima is one of the world’s most famous capitals for exquisitely prepared cuisine. Chefs from around the globe sing the praises of Central, located in the city’s hip Barranco neighborhood. It’s also just nabbed the top spot at the World’s Best Restaurant awards for its creative take on fresh, local Peruvian dishes. Lima boasts a wide variety of options for fine dining, including thirty Michelin-starred restaurants, making it a culinary paradise.

South America is ripe for discovery, let’s talk about what country is right for you


Discover a New Corner of the Caribbean

There are over 13 countries welcoming visitors to their warm shores. Here are three that might not be on your radar just yet:

Anguilla: If you’re looking for isolation and stunning beachy beauty, spend your vacation in Anguilla. There’s something to be said for a beach that’s off the beaten path on an island that’s also not on the jet set itinerary.

Anguilla’s boat-in Little Bay beach is a must-see, surrounded by high cliffs for scenic effect. Good things come in small sandy packages when the water is this blue and this warm – there are 23 more beaches to choose from on Anguilla, a Belmond hotel and several other five-star sleeps to consider.

Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, Grand Cayman | The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands: Located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica, this destination is renowned for its exceptional snorkeling, inviting visitors to swim alongside stingrays in the shallow waters of Stingray City and to discover the fascinating marine life surrounding the USS Kittiwake shipwreck.

The iconic Seven Mile Beach offers an expansive stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Beyond the shores, the islands feature luxurious resorts and a wide array of culinary options, ensuring a perfect mix of relaxation and fine dining.

Swimming Pigs | Grand Isle Resort, Great Exuma

Great Exuma, Bahamas – Bring your family (young and old) to this exquisite white sand paradise in the Bahamian archipelago. For starters, it’s closer to the famous swimming pigs (who live on their own island off the coast of Exuma), so day trips to see them are more relaxed.

By making the north end of Great Exuma your base for exploring, you’ll be closer to the breathtakingly blue waters and blinding white sands of Coco Plum Beach. Fringed by palms and pines for shade and featuring ocean swings for that perfect social post – it’s hard to believe this beach is often empty.

Let True North Travel help you find a new Caribbean island for your escape

Abercrombie & Kent - North Pole Expedition Cruise

North Pole vs. South Pole

All polar travel makes for a great adventure, but which pole should you try first?

North Pole – The arctic regions are easier to reach, with many tour operators offering cruises that sail around enormous blocks of ice and snow (there is no true fixed location) in the North Pole. Plus, there are many countries north of the Arctic Circle to choose from: Greenland, Iceland, the Svalbard archipelago, the Northwest Passage and the Canadian Arctic region.

Ponant, Arctic Expedition Cruise

Once you’ve crossed 66° 34′ N, start looking for puffins, reindeer, white wolves and hares. Stand at the rail of your expedition ship and watch for minke whales, narwhals and arctic terns playing in the slipstream. Then, keep your eyes on the night skies for the Northern Lights.

South Pole – There are two ways to reach the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth: by plane or sea. Most travelers head to the tip of South America – to the tiny town of Ushuaia – and work with a tour operator that sails for 48 hours across the infamous Drake Passage. Other visitors prefer to board a small plane for a two-hour flight to Antarctica.


In this region, watch for penguins, whales, seals and sea birds aplenty. Look to book a smaller ship for better access to wildlife. Several cruise lines offer offshore excursions in the region for a taste of the remote beauty of the South Pole.

But if this is your trip of a lifetime – the wonders of Antarctica should be explored in the finest of style with White Desert. The British tour operator works with small groups at their luxurious tented camps on the continent. Fly in or sail, it’s up to you!

North or South – one thing travelers need to do is start planning at least one year in advance. Will you head north, south or be one of the few who explores both poles?

Let’s Talk About What Luxury Means to You

One of the biggest buzzwords in travel means different things to different people. Luxury can mean Champagne welcome cocktails at your hotel and 500-thread count sheets with fluffy Frette towels.

Or it can mean behind-the-scenes access – front-row seats, meet-and-greets or an impossible-to-get restaurant reservation. Luxury can also mean private experiences – guides that show you a corner of the world few people ever see and stays at remote bespoke cabins or tented camps.

Let’s talk about what luxury means to you. If you’re looking to explore a popular destination at a busy time, luxury is going to mean finding the right places and perfect experiences to make it still feel special.

What does “luxury” mean for your next trip?









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